A Grief Workbook for Atheists Dealing with Death

After Carol Fiore‘s husband died, she, like so many atheists who have lost a loved one, struggled to deal with the grief because all the resources out there were aimed at religious people.

Now, she’s written A Grief Workbook for Skeptics: Surviving Loss without Religion, a helpful guide for atheists going through the toughest of times, so they don’t feel so isolated.

In the excerpt below, reprinted with permission from the author, Fiore talks about how to respond to words of “consolation” that are really not helpful at all:

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • God doesn’t make mistakes.
  • You won’t get better unless you accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your life.
  • God has a plan.
  • I’m praying for you.
  • Your loved one is in a better place.
  • God is testing you.
  • There is a reason and a purpose for everything.
  • It’s God’s will.