We are proud to introduce our new commenting system with this post. Because of many complaints and difficulties with Disqus we decided to write our own system. This will give us a lot more flexibility in the future to use the comments they way we want. Our site is very debate intensive and part of our strategy is to make this as useful as possible for you.

Now, when you click on a user’s avatar, it will bring you to their public profile. There you can see their previous comments and other information. We plan to add more information to those pages and possibly the option to contact other users on this site.

The other change you will notice is that you can now use Markdown to format your comments. There is a help link below the text field that shows the most important Markdown options for formatting. Please give it a try.

Lastly, we added the option to restrict commenting text length to 140 characters or less. We want to experiment with some twitter style commenting on articles.

Over the next few weeks we will completely replace Disqus with our own system. In the process we will convert your old disqus comments to the new system, so no comments will be lost. Please feel free to comment on this post or hit the “Feedback” button to let us know what you think!

User Interface Changes
In addition to the comments, we also worked hard on the user interface. We have done some internal changes to “refactor” our CSS code. As a result, it will be easier for us to introduce new changes and improvements going forward.

Except for new fonts and a cleaner overall appearance, the pages load faster now. We also worked on the mobile version of the site. If you are on a mobile device, please let us know how it looks.  We will continue to improve the User Interface, so expect to see more changes coming. Your input is very important to us, so please comment below or contact us through the feedback options and let us know your opinions!