Update: Based on the comments so far, here are a few more features we might add:
  • send email when someone replies to a comment
  • count likes per user and display on profile
  • count likes for articles
  • comments list on profile settings page

We have completed the import of old Disqus comments into our system and removed Disqus from the site. We were able to import the "likes", so you can still sort older comments to see which ones are worth reading. Please let us know if you have any issues or suggestions.

We will continue to make this web site better and more useful for you. Here are a few features we have planned in the near future:
  • See which users "liked" articles or comments
  • Comment stream on home page (latest comments and most commented articles)
  • Interactive Book Section, with discussions about books and author videos/comments

Let us know what other features you feel are important and should be added soon.