The last 2 weeks we have mostly been working on security issues. All the problems we could find using our own tools have been solved. This work will continue as we are working together with a security firm to make sure our site is as safe as can be. We have delayed the comment stream on the homepage because of this, and had to disable some features (e.g. see what users like a comment). Those features will back shortly. It is unfortunate we have to spend our time on this, but as we know by now, there really are religiously motivated hackers out there!

On to more creative things:


The Books link in the menu now points to a recommended reading list on Amazon. Please make all of your Amazon purchases via the Books link in the News & Media drop down. RDFRS will receive a percentage of the purchases you've made at no cost to you. This is only the first step towards a fully interactive books section we plan to release by the end of May.

User Interface

Also, you will have noticed that we are in the process of restructuring the layout and look and feel of the site:

  • There is a “Slider” when you "mouse hover" over a row of articles on the homepage. You can slide the articles to the left to see more articles without leaving the homepage. This was requested by many users as a way to see more content on the homepage without having to leave it.
  • The list of blogs has more items and better format
  • We introduced “Popular Articles”. on the home page. This enables users to see articles with lots of comments without leaving the homepage.
  • The article boxes now have the category included, so you can see what category the article relates to.


We will continue improving the User Interface. The next step will be to make it completely responsive to mobile devices, by reacting to the screen size of the browser window. Currently our software tries to “sniff” the device (phone or PC). With the new approach we will identify the screen size, independent of the device that is used