• passed 100k Comments!

    by nlib1 posted: 07 Jan 2014 Category: Science 26

    We have passed 100,000 comments on our site this week. Many thanks to everybody for all the interesting discussions!

  • Appetite for Wonder Appendix available here!

    by nlib1 posted: 18 Sep 2013 Category: Science 11

    Richard's latest book comes with an "E-Appendix", in which he presents interesting material that did not fit in the book. It is available for free on this website here.

  • Science for the week of June 24th

    by KimCox posted: 01 Jul 2013 Category: Science 4

    Symbiotic bacteria works as a squid alarm clock Did our universe collide with another universe? It seems like this question goes around once a year Severed spinal cords in...

  • Science for the week of June 17th

    by KimCox posted: 23 Jun 2013 Category: Science 1

    Lasers used to find the lost city of Mahendraparvata, hidden in dense jungle A star of Ursa Major flares and grows 15 times brighter Naked mole rats don't get cancer...

  • Cool science for the week!

    by KimCox posted: 16 Jun 2013 Category: Science 9

    A new layer in the cornea was discovered Engineered virus can help restore sight - the virus is used to inject genes into damaged areas otherwise difficult to reach June...

  • Long garbled user names

    by /Mike (admin) posted: 15 Jun 2013 Category: Science 6

    We are aware of the problem with the user names and are working to correct that. 

  • Black Forest Fire (where the RDFRS store is located)

    by /Mike (admin) posted: 13 Jun 2013 Category: Science 4

    13-Jun-2013 We anticipate that the RDFRS store will be unable to ship until at least later next week. When we resume shipping we will ship express pacakages, priority packages, then by the order in which the orders were...

  • Connecting various atheists with communities

    by KimCox posted: 10 Jun 2013 Category: Science 5

    Sometimes leaving a particular faith or being the only atheist you know within your community can present some unique challenges. I see a lot of requests from people who want to find other people who...

  • Awesome science for the week

    by KimCox posted: 09 Jun 2013 Category: Science 5

    I'm going to try to make this a weekly post. Feel free to comment with any other interesting science articles you have come across this week! - Kim Opportunity...

  • Exploring advertising options

    by /Mike (admin) posted: 07 May 2013 Category: Science 25

    We are currently testing some advertising options on the site. The advertisements will only appear on the article pages themselves. They do not appear on the home page. We will use this...

  • Website Updates week of May 1st

    by nlib1 posted: 05 May 2013 Category: Science 0

    Here are few nice improvements added over the last 2 weeks: User Interface is responsive. The home page should respond well now to all screen sizes and the article pages...

  • Website updates week of April 15

    by nlib1 posted: 18 Apr 2013 Category: Science 11

    The last 2 weeks we have mostly been working on security issues. All the problems we could find using our own tools have been solved. This work will continue as we are working together with a...

  • Website updates and new features-22 Mar

    by nlib1 posted: 23 Mar 2013 Category: Science 35

    We have been busy working on the web site and would like to give you an update on our work over the last couple of weeks. Please let us know what you think.  ...

  • RDFRS now has a Google+ page !!

    by /Mike (admin) posted: 22 Mar 2013 Category: Science 13

    The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science now has a Google+ page.  See our about page here or click on the image below.

  • Richard Dawkins on The Simpsons - Sun Mar 10

    by /Mike (admin) posted: 06 Mar 2013 Category: Science 7

    THE SIMPSONSAir Date: Sunday, March 10, 2013Time Slot: 8:00 PM-8:30 PM EST on FOXEpisode Title: (SI-2409) "Black-Eyed, Please"Read more:Listings - SIMPSONS, THE on FOX | TheFutonCritic.com