God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales

by Penn Jillette


FROM THE LARGER, LOUDER HALF OF THE WORLD-FAMOUS MAGIC DUO PENN & TELLER comes a scathingly funny reinterpretation of The Ten Commandments. They are The Penn Commandments, and they reveal one outrageous and opinionated atheist’s experience in the world.

From performing blockbuster shows on the Vegas Strip to the adventures of fatherhood, from an ongoing dialogue with proselytizers of the Christian Right to the joys of sex while scuba diving, Penn Jillette’s self-created Decalogue invites his reader on a journey of discovery that is equal parts wise and wisecracking. God, No! is a roller coaster of exploration as Penn shows that doubt, skepticism, and wonder—all signs of a general feeling of disbelief—are to be celebrated, rather than suppressed. And he tells some pretty damn funny stories along the way.

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