• Rationalism in schools

    by emmacwilliams posted: 16 Apr 2014 Category: Education 20

    Are there any other teachers on here? If so I'd like to get a discussion going about being an atheist/humanist teacher and what problems or positives people have experienced.

  • I Feel Alone

    by elconquistador posted: 10 Apr 2014 Category: Atheism 56

    I feel alone, but perhaps that's normal. Perhaps I just need to be patient. I basically lost everyone, or at least I lost their sympathies and genuine friendship (except my wife). Everyone in the church...

  • Advice about Jehovah's Witnesses

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 07 Apr 2014 Category: Education 36

    Dear all,   Jehovah's Witnesses probably don't need further introduction,  mostly because they introduce themselves to everybody multiple times times a year. I thought I'd return the favor for...

  • Pope: Internet is a 'gift from God'

    by PY posted: 03 Apr 2014 Category: Religion 106

    "The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity," Francis said. "This is something truly good, a gift from God." Beyond  reason is the continuing theft of science by a...

  • Evolution

    by iespinoza11 posted: 03 Apr 2014 Category: Science 28

    I have an honest question for evolutionists. I'm sorry if it sounds like a stupid question because I'm not super learned in the topic. Evolutionists account for the complexity of life by means of random...

  • Maximum Wage and a Free Market

    by kampinkarl48 posted: 01 Apr 2014 Category: Politics 73

    When it comes to economics, one of the greatest tragedies of our modern era is the ludicrous amounts of income inequality deemed necessary as "incentive" to work hard. Somebody earning more money for doing a more...

  • Reasoning in Birds

    by Vorlund posted: 01 Apr 2014 Category: Science 10

    I observed some interesting behaviour among seabirds some while ago while on a cruise holiday.  The ship pulled out early evening in twilight and the water was illuminated on each side by...

  • Tony Blair blaming religious intolerance

    by catphil posted: 28 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 35

    Tony Blair, writing in the Observer (26 Jan), said that religious extremism has become the biggest source of conflict around the world. Referring to wars and violent confrontations in places  like Syria,...

  • Dating Methods

    by Mr DArcy posted: 25 Mar 2014 Category: Science 49

    No not that kind of dating ! The scientific kind please. During the recent debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, the young earth creationist Ken Ham made the claim that some...

  • Global Societal Delusions and the Drinking of Wine

    by David R Allen posted: 25 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 43

    I’m retired.  A group of like minded retirees meet weekly at a coffee shop overlooking one of Australia's magnificent white sand beaches.  One of us even came up for a name for the group and...

  • Is meditation worthwhile?

    by Pumpkin_Programmer posted: 23 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 29

    As someone with a naturalistic worldview, I have been interested in mindfulness meditation as a means of enhancing my experience of the world. Although I’m aware that meditation can be entirely divorced from mystical, woo-woo...

  • At Least I'm Not Preaching

    by EmmaWinefride posted: 23 Mar 2014 Category: Atheism 80

    I was recently reading 'The God Delusion' on the train, when I was interrupted by a Christian gentleman who said to me "I find it very offensive that you're reading that" then further asked if...

  • "Mystical" experience

    by Machinehead posted: 19 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 30

    Hi When I was 18 I was working as a runner at a film studio outside London. After a particularly stressful and busy morning, I managed to grab five minutes to sit down...

  • The limits of human progress

    by Nunbeliever posted: 15 Mar 2014 Category: Science 72

    When the Eagle landed on the moon in 1969 the world stood still. Although it was a part of a quite cynical cold war between the USA and the USSR, most people remember this event not...

  • Mandatory 'National Prayer' Day in Namibia

    by knox.shikongo posted: 15 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 8

    Namibia (my home country) recently ordered a MANDATORY national prayer day (prayer against a surge in passion killings). Stores were forced to close for an hour, and employers were instructed to allow employees to attend...

  • The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection

    by QuestioningKat posted: 15 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 19

    Why is the idea of perfection and the achievement of some sort of idealistic "heaven" so prevalent and motivating for many? Why do religions exalt Perfection? Perfection is preached as possible, usually as the experience...