I live in the Netherlands and many many years ago I had a coworker who was deeply religious. I used to have long discussions with him about religion. One day I told him children should be raised without any religion at all. They should of course be taught in schools about all the big religions in the world, but they should not be raised within a religion. That would give the child free choice by the time it has grown up to an age where he or she is able to make a real choice. You should not force a believe system to your own child.

His counter argument was, and I still remember it because it was such a strong argument, that I made the mistake into assuming that his religion was something he believed in. For him it was not believing. He was simply convinced that it was the only possible truth. As such, he must raise his children according to his truths, there is simply no other way.

I see religion as a viral meme and this is a perfect example. People who are completely convinced of a religion cannot help but pass it on to there children. So, saying that forcing a religion onto 5 year old's is a from of child abuse is incorrect. The parents have no choice in the matter. This is exactly why viral memes are so dangerous. It's brainwashing in optima forma.