Hi Everyone,

I'm no huge fan of newspapers at the best of times, but surely it's the job of a local paper to report local news?

Every week on the letters page, the Maidenhead Advertiser prints an entry from a (usually) Christian representative (a priest or vicar), often giving quite wise advice about patience or love, with some 'And that's why we should all believe in God' nonesense crowbarred in unnecessarily.  The section is always marked up as being more than just a letter, suggesting that the paper endorses it. 

This week's entry is unbelievable!  Here's the transcript.  Let me know your thoughts on how to reply to the paper, and do you ever get this sort of thing in your local paper? 


What is a human being?  This question is not an empty academic one to get philosphers excited. It is a fundamental question, and the answers we give to it can have wide-ranging consequences.  If you think human beings are merely the product of a blind evolutionary process, then we are not essentially different from the rest of the animal kingdom and morality is a self-produced construct to help us regulate society.

Whereas if you think that we, human beings, are created by God, 'in the image of God' as the pinnacle of God's creation (as Christians and the other Abrahamic religions claim) then morality has its origins not in us but in God.  And God will hold every human being accountable to how we have treated Him and each other in His world.

Last week, I watched on BBC i-player the first episode of the 'Dark Charisma of Adolph Hitler' and I was reminded it was Hitler's acceptance of Darwinian principles and the conviction the German people were a genetically superior form of humanity that led ultimately to the horrors of the Holocaust.

Rev Will Stileman
St Mary's Church,