Dear fellow atheists/agnostics and anyone else with a rational outlook on freedom,

If you're reading this, you're already passing time on the web. So why not make it a little more productive?

I've collected a few petitions around the web and it would only take a brief moment of your time to sign (some of) them and bring some more reason into the world. I've divided them in several categories and limited the amount of petitions to 3 each, this time. Please leave a comment to tell me if you want me to regularly do something like this, and if so, whether you would like to see a particular category added. 



Freedom from religion & Free speech (Stop arrests of non-Muslims) (Abuse of power, separation state & church) (Prosecution of 2 individuals for their FB posts)

Gay rights (Hate crime in Brazil) (Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' Bill) (The same bill again)

Women's rights (Female education, Malala) (Saudi driving ban) (Abortion coverage US servicewomen)

Environment (Conservation India's nature) (Great barrier reef) (Antarctic Sanctuary)