I wonder if anyone has given any thought to developing a course to educate people to the world of realism and atheism.

What I am thinking of would be a step by step "course", designed as if it were a college class.
Introduction to Atheism/Realism
Intermediate Atheism/Realism
Advanced Atheism/Realism

Now, I understand that there are countless sites and books on this subject, but my thinking is that someone/someones  familiar with the subject and knowledgeable about the countless sites, books, videos, etc, could build a site/sites that start out with the basic argument, and build from there. A site dedicated solely to education, no community/forum, etc.

I have been asked several times; "What books would you suggest?", "What site would you suggest?" It can be overwhelming to people, especially when they are just beginning. It would also help those of us who have been atheists for years to share their knowledge and experience. "Lay Professors" for lack of a better definition.

One site, dedicated to walking someone through the idea of Atheism/Secular Humanism from conception to putting thought to action in daily life I think, would help people who are overwhelmed by the abundance of subject matter. Many churches offer "new member" classes on bible study, etc to new converts. I guess I am thinking that the newly enlightened would benefit greatly from a resource such as this.
Unbelievers are the fastest growing group.
Education is key to gaining momentum.

It is, of course, possible that I have completely missed the boat. If this site already exists and I have made a fool of myself, please point me to it so I can feel the full force of my shame and embarrassment!