I am a South African citizen and an Atheist. I was baptized and accepted in a Christian Church as a child and young adult but "awoke" from the religious slumber in my late teens after my father and mother divorced and the church blamed me, my brother and sister because we couldn't attend Sunday school. My "conversion" was a gradual process and didn't happen overnight. I later married to the love of my life, a sweet woman and we have a child. My wife was also baptized and accepted into the church as a child and was a Christian. Because I love my wife, I agreed to her need of introducing my child into the Christian church on the condition that I will also have a say in his upbringing. We both agreed and that was the end of it.

After about 1 year we went to our pastor and asked him to baptize our child, but were rejected. As we were both accepted into the church, the rejection came as quite a shock. We obviously had questions. The pastor gave us the following explanation:
Pastor told us that he could not accept us into the church as me being an atheist and my wife being a Christian would confuse our child. This was despite me offering to join the congregation as a gesture of kindness to my wife and child. Pastor told us that my wife sinned because she did not attend church in 6 years (her mother and father had passed away during that time and she had to provide for her family) My wife is no longer a Christian after crying her eyes out and cursing at God, asking him why his servants had rejected our child from coming to Christ and his Church. Despite our union in Atheism, some things still bother me: ·         Our community is very intolerant of Atheists; ·         kids sometimes bully “different” kids; ·         religion is engrained in the business culture and ·         schools have compulsory religious classes   What do we do?   Pieter