My child started a new non-denominational school in September. I was very concerned to learn that the School will be teaching creationism as  a theory. I queried this with my child's teacher and below is the response I received:

"Sorry that it has taken me so long to email you. I spoke to Mr <name removed> - who is the head of year 3. He confirmed that both creationism and evolution will be taught as a theory and that children will be told that it is their choice as to what they believe. Evolution won't be taught as a subject in year 3 as it is quite complex but it may be mentioned in science - in topics such as variation. 
I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me and I can answer them or if I can't I will forward them to Mr <name removed>. 
Best wishes,
<name removed>"

My main concern is that the skills required for scientific reasoning are undermined by teaching creationism as a theory instead of a belief system. I fully support and understand that the students brought up with this belief are free to accept this point of view.

I am trying to arrange a meeting with the head. In the meantime any thoughts on an approach or advice would be appreciated.