I put the discussion under "Science" because I'm looking for evidence to suggest we can limit/eliminate bias anywhere at all, any bias, perhaps in science, politics, the media, or someplace else. Pardon me if I don't really bring much to the table, but I feel that if this question gets a fulfilling discussion, a considerable amount of people probably will learn something of worth and perhaps have a change in their perspective of the future.

As we can see, the world is a very biased place. That's actually pretty natural, because people have long taken strong senses and "gut instincts" on certain things, and that system seem to serve us somewhat in the past. But we live in a "New Age of Reason." Mankind would benefit from more objective observation, reporting, governing and other important human endeavors in respect to science and the well-being of man-kind and nature. But I'm just preaching to the free-thinking choir.

I've been thinking of how bias could, at the very least, be decreased. What measures have been proven or shown by studies to help this, or yield some sort of promising effect that would merit more studies? Personally, it seems like the best way to go about reforming bias would be to encourage young minds to steer clear of anecdotal "evidence", the news, and claims not reasonably backed by science. Would the decrease of bias be hundreds of years from now? Or would it be sudden and exponential in the face of the rapidly increasing interest in science? Or is it impossible to make a big difference, are we just naturally, forever doomed to majorly biased society? Will it take brain augmentation or controversial/inhumane/violent measures to achieve a less biased populous?