Death, Funerals, Church, and Loss by Suicide.

Experiencing the whole process of loss and death is quite different as an Atheist. The obvious difference is we do not believe in an "afterlife" whether it be good or bad, it doesn't exist to us.

My graduating class had our 10 year reunion early this year because we had three losses over the summer. Two of them were death by suicide.

In addition to that there were a few deaths caused by natural causes but this year is by far the most tragic for myself and for many of my peers. The typical grieving process takes an individual through various stages until reaching acceptance. While religious individuals can imagine their loved one in a sense where they are still "alive" aka happy in an afterlife, Atheists would have to accept that their loved one has made a choice to take their own life forever. Being around religion while being upset can take a toll on an Atheist (especially if people talk about it with you at the funeral). 

Do Atheists grieve slower than theists?