Update Sep 2, 11:00pm MDT (GMT-6)
Making some notes up here as an update rather than in comments to make sure people see them.

  • Discus has comment numbering available but when we investigated more fully, we found out that the numbering they offer is along the lines of comment 65,495,489  then the next comment displayed on rd.net might be 65,498,332. We feel a useful numbering system on our site would be for each article; 200, then 201, then 202, etc. We are exploring some other options right now.

  • We are working on a more compact display option where there are more articles readily visible. Also as noted in comments and replies to many e-mails, a display option with more contrast for those who have difficulty with the shades of gray.

  • The feedback link is a gold icon that displays at the bottom left of the screen.  The icon should float such that as you scroll up or down it remains in the same postion on the screen.  If for some reason you don't see it please send an e-mail to feedback@richarddawkins.net and any information which we could use to try and sort out what the problem is.  For example; your browser and operating system, the device (laptop, monitor, iPhone etc) and a screen shot, and are you logged in or not.

Update Sep 1, 05:00 MDT(GMT-6)
  • RSS Links added to site. RSS Feed button on the main nav will take you to RSS FAQ which has all the RSS feed links.

Update Aug 30, 10:00am MDT(GMT-6)
  • RSS feed now working for all content separate from comments.
You will need to resubscirbe to the feed if you have subscribed in past - it will not restart automatically.
  • Issue with text overrunning annoucement boxes depending on zoom level fixed

Update Aug 28, 10:00am MDT(GMT-6)
  • There is still some work on the RSS feed that will be pushed out later today.
  • Working on the display of the "feedback" icon for mobile devices
  • The background of articles has been changed to provide a bit more contrast - we are exploring other options as well
  • < ol >, < ul >, < blockquote > tags were being overwritten by the overall site template - fixed - mainly an issue with articles but those will now work.  If you submit a discussion there are icons to create bulleted or numbered lists which previously would not be rendered on the site.

Update Aug 27, 7:50pm MDT (GMT-6)
Twitter follow @richarddawkins added to each article and discussion page RSS feed restored Subscribe via e-mail implemented   Update Aug 27, 12 noon MDT (GMT-6) The fix last night to include the correct titles in the Disqus RSS feed seems to be working ok.

Update Aug 27, 3:30am MDT(GMT-6)  
 404's sometimes returned for valid urls fixed - this was the case where often a search would return a url of richarddaakwins.net... for an older article, "old." is now autoamtically prepended and the url "old.richardadwakins.net..." is requested and returned to the user. A 404 should now really mean "page not found".   Titles for articles populated for NEW articles in RSS feeds for Disqus http://rdnet.disqus.com/latest.rss This is only for new article submitted right now - the first article submitted which worked correctly in terms of provdiing the title in the rss feed for the comments is  http://richarddawkins.net/news_articles/2012/8/26/buzz-aldrin-s-official-statement-on-the-passing-of...

Update Aug 26 2:30pm MDT (GMT-6)
Continuous page loading implemented - click on Web News and articles load as you scroll. Discussions now listed at the bottom of the home page.

Update Aug 25 12:15am MDT -
The issue with commenting should be resolved. If you are logged into your RDF account and are unable to post please please refresh the page and try again. If you are still unable to post please send us a ticket via the gold feedback link on the bottom left corner of every page. Thank you.

Update Aug 24 11:45am MDT -
We are aware of the new Disqus issues and and account signup and are trying to resolve those as top priority today. The beta site is now live as was announced last night.  Some of the initial issues have now been corrected. 

  1. Creating an account, transferring an account, resetting your password were failing with a 505 error.  This was due to a limit that was set on the number of e-mails that could be automatically sent by the website. This has been increased to 40,000 per day and we don't anticipate further problems.  If you tried to create an account, transfer an account or reset your passowrd please check for a confirmation e-mail and if you don't see that simply recreate, transfer or reset your password again. If you have any problems please use the gold "feedback" button on the lower left of your screen to report them as that also captures your operation system and browser information for us which could help in debugging any problems. We've gone through the accounts that were pending confirmation and have manually confirmed those so there shouldn't be an issue.
  2. RSS feeds are not working - we are looking at this and hope the fix is straightforward - we think it is at this time.
  3. Discussions are now enabled for the new site. Please submit new discussion topics here by clicking on Submit a Discussion at the top of the screen.
  4. Article submission via a form is now working, if you have an article you would like to submit for possible posting on the site, please use the link at the top of the Web News page 
  5. Events for your groups can be submitted by clicking on the Create Event link at the top of any of the event pages
  6. Performance - we are still working on caching and performance issues on the site - we know there are occasional glitches and reponse time issues. 
  7. We appreciate the feedback on the site as far as layout and constrast go and are looking at options for that.  We also know there is still work to be done for mobile deivices such as phones.