What can be done about a church that violates its requirment to stay out of the political realm?

I read about a John Hagee Ministries(http://www.jhm.org/) which is a church located in San Antonio Texas. In February the church posted a newsletter, which is located at (http://newsletter.jhm.org/NewsLetters/JHM-Weekly-Update_20120213.htm), in which Mr. Hagee gives his opinion about President Obama's re-election and explicitly suggests to the reader that they don't vote for President Obama by saying "THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN!". All tax exempt charities and organizations are prohibited from directly supporting or opposing a political organization or political party. If this is something that you have a problem with, I encourage you to go to the IRS website (http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=178241,00.html) and file a complaint. John Hagee ministries does not show up on the IRS charity search but the company that owns the newsletters web domain, "Global Evangelism, Inc" does. The EIN is 74-1764843.  

The IRS has a very poor track record for penalizing these violations. In fact I was only able to find 1 story online about a church getting its tax exemption removed.