At a recent Richard Dawkins convention, I (an animator) met hip hop artist Anthony Danzl. Over a quick chat after the convention we realized that both of us were feeling a need to branch out a bit and do something in science education. I had been lazily working on a genetics animation for a while and we decided to finish it together to see what we could do with our powers combined.

Our first video "What is DNA and how does it work" was up on YouTube a few weeks later. There was a great response from viewers and it was immediately picked up by several teachers for use in the classroom.

Due to the positive response we've decided to keep moving forward. We just put up a website and published a second video called "What is a Gene". We have plans to create an entire series on genetics and evolution.

Thank you Richard Dawkins for inadvertently introducing Anthony and me. It's been great so far and the future looks promising!

I'm curious to know, what other projects have been started by people meeting at Richard Dawkins conventions?