Has anyone considered the similarities between driving and religion in our culture?
To some, driving is almost a religion and it is possible to afford oneself rights and privileges above the law because of a belief in the way we should be allowed to drive ... I mean us personally, not the rest of you of course.
Here are a few examples ......

Driving/Religion similarities:
  • Everyone has their own personal interpretation of driving.
  • Everyone thinks it is their right to drive.
  • Sunday is considered a special day for some driving cultures.
  • Drivers are offended by criticism.
  • Extremists can be violent against those who don’t drive like them.
  • When stopped by police, drivers pretend to be the victims of oppression rather than the perpetrators of illegal acts.
  • Normally nice people can be unreasonable and violent due to their driving.
  • There are TV programs that relentlessly promote driving despite the damage it causes the planet.
  • The government supports it with hardly any restrictions against the interests of the people as long as there is money to be made.
  • Drivers will support the cause of other drivers even those who drive differently in preference to those who try to restrict driving.
  • Drivers try to avoid responsibilities for their acts.
  • The more money you have the closer you can get to driving nirvana.

Driving/Religion differences:
  • Drivers have insurance against the damage they cause.
  • Drivers are taxed.
  • You can be a Shiite driver and go out on a Sunni day … sorry .. couldn’t resist that one.