I work with a group that teaches science online via YouTube animations. Our past projects have dealt with the topic of genetics which is typically not a religiously controversial subject. Our new series however, is specifically on the theory of evolution. You can check out the first evo video here:

What is Evolution?

Our goal is, of course, to make a strong case for evolution but if possible, we don’t want to turn religious folks off to the subject. In an attempt to both soften the theological blow of evolution and to reaffirm the idea that absolute certainty does not usually exist within the field of science, we’ve chosen to use phrases like “The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that...” or “It appears that...” before making any big claims about evolution.

After you watch the video to hear the language in context, I’d love to learn what you think. Does our use of this language weaken our case? Do you think it’s helpful? I’d especially love to hear from public school teachers as these videos are frequently used in the classroom.


FYI, we are already aware that there is an error in our Cladistic Diagram. We’re working on a correction for that.