I know this question is strange since atheism is all about doubt, but have you ever wondered if you were wrong?  Particularly if you come from a religious background, do you have any residual religious feelings, even though these feelings go against your rational thinking? 

My background actually isn't particularly religious in that my family doesn't believe everything the Catholic Church says, but there are strong beliefs in the supernatural.  I believed in God, ghosts etc. until I was about 15, when I started considering myself agnostic.  The trigger is something I will keep private, but let me just say I very suddenly realized all the arguments for God's existence are totally unsound.  By 18 I called myself an atheist.  I'm 23 now and still do.  :-)

The problem is sometimes I will hear a strange "supernatural" story and it'll get my brain all worked up wondering if there might be something out there. Don't get me wrong, I'm an outspoken atheist, I don't believe anyone can experience anything outside their own brains, but I can still get freaked out, which disappoints me a little. 

Anyways, I hope I made sense.  Does anyone else feel this way, ever?