Just when I thought we were finally entering a new era in Ireland, non-belief is at an all time high, the RCC is finally being forced to relax the death grip it had over the education system and the once subservient government had recently launched some blistering attacks on Rome, it appears there is still all to play for.  Another case appeared in the headlines which though an utterly tragic case appeared to bring hope that the one of the last bastions of RCC backed conservatism,  "Pro-Life", was finally on the ropes.

That other case was of course the tragic story of Savita Halappanavar, a woman who died needlessly in the prime of her life because sucessive Irish governments have failed to address the elephant in the room.  The first broadside to the "Pro-Life" movement should have been the X Case where the Irish Government tried to force a 14 year old rape victim to continue with her pregnancy, luckily the Supreme Court saw reason and struck out the injunction barring the child from travelling to the U.K. for an abortion.  The problem is that sucessive governments have failed to legislate on this case and the issue has been swept under the carpet again and again.  Politicians and most of the media live in fear of being branded Pro-Choice, many in the media claim "they see points on both sides", but try to post an honest pro-choice comment on the issue in any of the national dailies (as I have) and you'll find that it will not pass the moderators.  The "Pro-Life" movement in Ireland, Youth Defence being the most prominent group, is well funded (most of the funds are reportedly coming from the US) and not adverse to using the same tactics as their counterparts in the US.  Their main tactics are the outing of people in the media who appear to be pro-choice, mounting protests on the homes of politicians and showing large pictures of terminated foeti to the general public in Dublin city centre.

My issues are as follows:
1: As a man I am never going to be faced with an unplanned pregnancy which has the potential to end my studies or the beginning of a career.
2: As a man I am never going to have to endure the product of a rape growing inside me.
3: As a man I am never going to carry a pregnancy where there are complications that could end my life.

Of course there are grey areas, but not for the "Pro-Life" movement there is only black and white, their beliefs are more often formed from the study of scripture and the directives of celibates than any sense of reason or compassion.  Last week there was a rally in Dublin(read the linked article and look at the predominant demographic in the photo), they bussed in people from all over the country to make up the numbers (most of those busses were organised by provincial priests who still hold sway over their ignorant followers). 

In a country where we export thousands of terminations every year to the UK and the Netherlands, a country that only seems to care about its citizens from conception to birth, how can these zealots be made to see sense?  Or even better marginalised as the gospel thumping nutcases that they are?