I was hoping to get some help in developing some articulate points on why praying before a public meeting is inappropriate. I live in Guernsey  (Channel Island in UK)and the lords prayer is said as part of the procedure of regional (parish) meetings. I personally found this quite upsetting that this was part of the process - I had turned up to hear about parish developments and was quite shocked when everyone started to prey. Just to clarify a parish is our way of breaking up different areas of the island into local authorities. They receive taxes and carry out services like rubbish collection, making sure hedges are cut back and inspecting streams.

The counter arguments I will hear for this is that the church is part of the parish. This is true - they have a representative present at the meeting and their matters are interwoven  through the parish. I will also be told this is part of the local culture - this is the way it has always been done and changing it would mean loosing part of our heritage. 

I believe that due to the older demographic of the usual attendees and make up of the parish representatives this is not seen as unusual - their generation has been more involved with the church. I think they are good people that want the best for the community but just need having their outlook tweaked on this front tweaked a bit.

What do I do or say to help change attitudes and the procedures performed? I could do with some fresh perspective. 

Thank you