This topic may end up straddling to Education and Pseudoscience.

As a matter of curiosity, I wanted to do a little research into the phenomena of chimpanzee DNA vs. Human DNA and the possibility of genetic fusion in human DNA at position 2.

Entering that as my search in Yahoo, I was astounded when my first 4 results were (in order) Answers in Genesis, Wikipedia, The Institute for Creation Research and Apologetics Press.

Has the academic community become so defensive about their scientific papers that they have effectively 'firewalled' the public and curious students from scientific truth or are the creationists just a bit more Internet savvy?

What I am beginning to see, as we shut down libraries and bookstores, is an unfortunate situation whereby the less discerning adult and the mentally developing child is being thrust into creationist thought by the results of flawed web searches that do not discern fact from fiction.

What can be done about this in the interest of creating a new generation of scientists?