(please forgive spelling etc)

i have returned (an hour ago) from my daughter's curriculum evening at her school here in the midlands (uk). it was truely awful. i have rarely felt so confused about what to do. my daughter is 6 years old and is in year 2 at school. this is her third year at this outstanding school. their results, and ofsted report are outstanding. i should be grateful that she has secured a place here. last year after a long inner struggle (and many youtube debates / uploads), i came to the conclusion that i was without a doubt, (i cannot stress this enough,) an atheist. it has been the most liberating experience. this evening i sat in a school hall, packed with 'believers,' whilst the head teacher put up a large projector statement from the then pope (benedict) on how all little children should 'aim to become saints via their journey through the sacraments'. there was lots of nodding and clapping and prayers. i was worried at one point that i was about to develop instant tourettes, and jump up and scream that they were all crazy!!  i don't say this to make light of that condition at all. i felt so utterly frustrated at the total nonsense i was listening to, i was frightened that i actually would not be able to contain myself!!    

sainthood? what are you all talking about? what evidence? why are you all nodding?


i definitely don't wish to remove my daughter from her school. she is settled and happy and has lots of friends. i am just finding it so hard to 'deal' with the intense religious ethos there, when to me it is just utter nonsense, backed up by nothing. i feel guilty for putting my daughter in this position now. any ideas on how to redress the balance would be much appreciated. thank you