I recently found myself in an argument with a strident, and really rather truculant theist while on my university campus the other day. He was attempting to invite me to his religeons study group, but he seemed so offended by my polite refusal on the grounds of being an atheist that he decided to sacrifice both his and my time in what I can only assume was an utterly futile attempted conversion.

Anyway, one thing interested me, as he accused me of being a negative person by claiming that disbelief is a negative action. A friend of mine, who was also in the conversation and a fellow athiest agreed with him on this. So I was wondering what people think, I personally think that the ability to give up the comfort blanket of a God who looks after you now and for eternity and stand up to openly accept your own mortality and search for truth can only be a positve step. 

Anybody have any thoughts or further arguments?