My 6 year old brother just returned from a local community centre baking and crafts session with a "story" for me to read.  It is a word for word cartoon version of Ray Comforts spiel (are you a good person? Have you ever told a lie?) told in a comic strip. It includes the morally questionable convicting of the sin of thought crime and the scapegoating of sins on to an innocent, both with bible references and both with illustrations such as a boy "lusting" over a woman with his tongue out.

My 17 year old sister took him to the event and has taken him to similar things before. She has the man who runs the event on as a friend on Facebook and I'm about to message him. Im not expecting much after seeing his profile picture is an "Evolution Vs God" poster but he will know not to hand such things to my 6 year old brother again at least.

What would you do?