The reason religion is so popular relates to our need to survive. Humans have a pack mentality. We believe there's safety in numbers. That's how we've evolved. Religion caters to our sense of  belonging, science doesn't sadly.

Science has always been exclusive. If you can't understand a scientific theory/fact you were deemed stupid and therefore not welcomed in the science community. Whereas, religion has always been inclusive. For the masters and the slaves, for the lords and the serfs, God has been ever present. Because religion doesn't care how intelligent you are as long as you believe.

Science has a lot learn from religion. For starters, science needs to build church like places for people to congregate and discuss science. Science needs to build schools for children and adults that teach science so its easy to understand. If you want to capture peoples imagination make science understandable. More importantly, make science free. That's the beauty of religion, it doesn't cost a cent.

Science will never conquer religion until science changes its strategy. Who dares to lead the science revolution?