A formerly rational friend has been brainwashed by her new fundamentalist husband.  She now insists that there is no conclusive evidence to prove that evolution is real.  I recommended that she read some of Dr. Dawkins's works (pointing out that he has refuted the fundamentalist arguments about the Cambrian Explosion) and her response was:

Thanks for responding to my email and the additional intel re: Dawkins.   I am actually very familiar with Dawkins (an ardent atheist) and I won't bore you, but he actually doesn't refute the intelligent design science I have looked into because as he himself admitted, we actually don't have one example of where a genome was increased by evolution.  Needless to say, we won't agree on that point. 
Can anyone tell me what she is talking about?  I'm really about ready to give up. I can't believe that it has been as easy as it is to completely lose someone to fundamentalism in a little over a year.