There are many theories to the origin of the universe. The most commonly accepted theory is the Big Bang. The Hot Big Bang was started at a singularity at a point in space-time that was infinitesimally dense and hot, which resulted in a hyper novae explosion that released the matter of the Universe. The universe has kept on expanding but it's speed of expansion has slown down. Newton's laws dictate that a body or mass in motion will remain in motion unless something interferes with it, and also, by logic, with the amount of possible interference something that moves must also eventually stop moving. At first this appears to be a contradiction, but is it? Gravity has slowed down the expansion, but physicists have said that gravity alone would be too weak to have slowed down the unvierse to the speed it is at now. The question is, what else besides gravity can slow down the speed of the universe. The theoretical answer, in my opinion, is dark matter, the very fanric of the cosmos. Dark matter fufills Einstein's cosmological constant, and with the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson and the proving of the Poincare Conjecture, in my opinion, one can solve the existence and mass gap problem of yang mills theory by substituting the ghost gluon as the Higgs Boson and the ghost propagator as dark matter/dark energy. Also the proof that Black Holes do exist and are detectable, as shown by Hawking and Penrose in their theories and by Hewish and Ryle, whos pioneering of radio astrophysics made the detection of pulsars and later Black Holes possible. If anyone has any different ideas or suggestions please respond, this has been a curiosity of mine since i was about 10.