Hi all, my name is Bill and being inspired by Rep. Juan Mendaz's invocation in congrerss, I asked if it would be possible to give one at our christmas luncheon, and to my surprise, and excitement I was. It is Friday Dec. 13th.

It goes as follows:

This is the part of the usual invocation where you are asked to bow your head, and close your eyes, but I’m not going to do that, instead, I’m going to ask to please keep your heads raised, and eyes open. I would ask instead everyone to take a couple moments to look around at the faces of these people with whom you spend so much time. Many you know well, and some maybe not as much. Now consider the person behind each of those faces, and the fact that each one has a story, their own story, that is just as important to them as your story is to you. Think about this, and the fact that we spend a third, if not more, of our working lives with these faces.

            I’m asking you to remember their story when you feel the heat of disagreement arise, or when the burden of frustration feels so overwhelming. You may not know what personal circumstances that they are dealing with just as they may not know what circumstances you may be dealing with. Something we all share is enduring personal trials and tribulations. It’s part of the human experience, of being alive.

            I’m asking each of you to take time this holiday season, regardless of how, or if you celebrate it, to find ways to be more tolerant, show more compassion, and play a better, a more positive role in each other’s stories.

            Be good to each other for goodness’ sake. This also is part of the human experience, of being alive.

            Thank You.

I'm so jazzed! I can't stop practicing. I was "called" to be an evangelist back in the eighties, now I like the term Avangelist...Can I get an amen? Hope you liked it and be encouraged to do something that might be uncomfortable.

Bill III