I just watched a debate between Christopher Hitchens (I miss him too) and Rabbi Wolpe from 2010.  One of the points the Rabbi tried to score with was that people of faith donate more than atheists.  I think he may right statistically speaking and that's because we atheists donate to the Red Cross or Medecins sans Frontiers and never think to identify ourselves as non-believers. Because why would we?  We're just people trying to help other people.  During the debate, Mr. Hitchens mentioned that he and Mr. Dawkins had raised 2M USD for Haiti after the earthquake there via donations from atheists and other free thinkers.  Is anyone out there aware of this and could you point me in the right direction (Uncle Google has failed)?  I donate on a regular basis to those in need but I would love it if those donations could be counted as coming from someone who isn't doing that to get a good seat in the after life.