I'm feeling a bit contemplative this morning.

While I was washing the wine glasses left over from the family Christmas I reflected on the amount of clean water I was using just to clear up. I probably used more water on those glasses than the average third word child gets to drink in a day!

I'm an atheist so I can't hide behind thanking God for the inequalities of the world. Or in the case of the nutters blaming the third world children for their plight. I am just one of the lucky one's as are all of you who are able to read this message.

It is great to see family and friends and to eat drink and be merry. Sitting around being miserable won't change anything for anyone, but perhaps I need to do more than just have a bit of navel gazing. My son went to India at the beginning of the year for 3 months to help teach English to young children. He saw life in a remote village but even then he had the privileged outsiders view and knew he could get out any time he wanted. I know a woman who goes to Ghana for two weeks every year to teach. I can't up sticks and go to India, or Africa or Indonesia or wherever for a few weeks or months. But it has set me thinking that there must be something that I can contribute to that would make a small difference. The cumulative effect of better education and basic resources, like water, will slowly but surely change the world.

I'm open to suggestions on how I can make a difference, and not just by putting money in an envelope.