So here goes...I know black atheists exist because I see them on on-line forums. However I do not know any in real life. Perhaps they are just not vocal about it. Perhaps I should take more opportunities to declare my status as a non believer when the opportunity arises.  My issue--and question to others is-- I have found that it very difficult to have a mindset of "you do your thing, I'll do mine" when it comes to black folks and religion.  It baffles me to no end how blacks can practice a religion introduced to us by slave masters and used to justfiy slavery. I am so passionate about it that I cannot have any respect for black Christians. I think they are so stupid that it has caused me to not have any connection with the black community because church is such a central part of it.  How are atheists who are more open minded manage to keep the peace?

I hate to introduce race unnecessarily into the conversation. However I have always felt a special admiration for white atheists. After all, the religious racket favors you (well, white men, anyway). So it takes more balls to dump it. But blacks should be running the fastest and farthest from church and yet we can be heard thumping the bible the loudest. And I can't stand to hear the bullshit about how we've been through so much suffering that we need the comfort of religion. If we would not have bought into it in the first place, maybe we would not have put up with half the crap we did.  I dunno. I am just so fed up with my peeps when it comes to this. And I hesitate to debate the issue with a black person since I would not be able to hide my disgust for their gullibilty.