I was quite ambivalent about capital punishment before moving to England. But after listening to my colleague (gulping few pints at the pub) at the university where I was studying, I got convinced that capital punishment is wrong. She was very persuasive and very logical and rational in her view.

What puzzles me the most on this, is that there is a universal tendency amongst believers (mostly fundamentalists) to argue for capital punishment. The religious right in India were celebrating in the streets celebrating the hanging of Ajmal Kasab (convicted for Mumbai terrorist attacks) and Afzal Guru(convicted for 2001 attack on the India parliament)?

I have seen similar rejoicing of public executions across the globe. Stoning a person to death in Saudi Arabia or Iran is mostly welcomed by those who claim to believe in a merciful deity! The support for capital punishment is high amongst states in US that rank highly on the religiosity scale.

So here is my question, except for few religious groups, like Quakers or Jains or few sects of Buddhists, why do the faithful find so much pleasure in killing? Be it the hindus or the muslims or the christians, on one hand they claim that their deities are loving, merciful and all powerful source of morality, on the other, more than happy to dish out capital punishments.