I have often heard Richard say that the universe had a simple beginning, and that starting simple and building up to something more complex over time is a far simpler explaination than positing that something complicated popped into existence (or has always existed).   However, from what I understand, the universe as a whole was in its most complicated/ordered state immediately after the big bang. The universe is getting less complicated and more disordered over time as per the second law of thermodynamics, as entropy increases. There may be some local instances of increasing order (life, for example), but the universe as a whole gets more disordered/less complicated from one moment in time to the next. The universe is at a far simpler and more disordered state than it was before life existed anywhere.

The fact that the origin of the universe was so well ordered is still one of the biggest mysteries in cosmology. Am I missing something here in regards to the point Richard is trying to make?

Also, please don't mistake me for trying to slip in a God as an explaination here, I am an atheist here and fully understand that a God is not an explaination at all, but rather a supernatural non-argument to disguise the fact that we don't have an answer. I'm just trying to better understand Richard's point and whether or not that point is consistent with the fact of a complicated universe at its origin.