I open the debate on the idea that, more or less 30 years have passed since the issue of climate change and global warming arised in the general press and mass media, and despite all the evidence and countless pier-reviewed articles on this subject a lot of people still don´t beleive that global warming is happening.  Isn´t it time we reframe the general aproach on this subject? Because most of the times  people just tune it down because they find it scaring and sort of fear mongering, and  some other times for personal convenience and political reasons. There actually is a very strong conection between a persons political inclinations and their thoughts on climate change, wich for me is a stagering fact. I think that maybe we present all the renewable technologies as a way of helping the economy and as a way to improve the general standar of living, that will make people more receptive towards taking action on changing the general policies. But, in any given case I think that it is time to try a different aproach in order we takle this severe problem on time and save our launch.