Perhaps some of you have already read about a case in Colorado in which the parents of a transgender girl (born boy, identifies as girl) of six are suing* for her right to use the girl's bathroom. Considering this is for an elementary school I see no reason why she shouldn't be allowed to.

It got me thinking ahead though. What about high school? With puberty running it's course, the showers after PE and the much stronger division between boys and girls, is it even possible to fully accommodate transgender students? I don't care one bit about the feelings of any angry parents, but, for example, I wouldn't blame the girls for being uncomfortable with sharing the locker room with someone with a penis. Pardon my bluntness.

My questions are:
-How and how much can high schools accommodate transgender students without causing serious problems? And
-How could schools and parents prevent bullying from their peers and parents?

Note that the focus should be on students who haven't had gender reassignment surgery and are not taking hormone treatment, as those seem to me to be the toughest category.