No this isn't a discussion about George Bush and his McCarthyesque attempts to frame anyone who disagreed with him as a terrorist.

Rather this is a disappointing, and yet hardly unsurprising, look at the divisive and arrogant rhetoric delivered by this latest Pope from day #1. And this is the guy we've been told all week is so full of humility.

"He who does not pray to the Lord prays to the devil"

We had to wait no longer than his very first Mass as Pope to hear this reminder of why religions leave a trial of division and hatred around the world. What a way to kick-start his campaign, with such a beautiful message of love and tolerance to the youth of his Church.

Kids, you know those children with Buddhist parents who live up the road? They're going to hell with the devil.
Those kids in your class from Muslim families? Going to hell with the devil.
Those kids at soccer with atheist parents? You guessed it, they're devil worshippers and are gong to hell with the devil.

We're right, everyone else is wrong, and in fact they're so wrong...they're going to hell with the devil

So much for humility.