*** I was not sure whether to post this in science or religion***
While having a lively debate with Christians on facebook about the frontiers of science and the 4th dimension, the idea of the soul came up and we started talking about the possibility of the unknown.  There were some excellent points made by some forward thinking Christians, then one person jumped into the conversation and said the following:
"..science shows that the first impulse of electricity when someone thinks, originates from the heart area, travels up the spine to the brain , and then can be translated through the mind out the body. The brain is a translator, to relay and relate through past experience and kmowledge. The conciousness is in the heart, there lays all communications beginnings, or our being. The mind is just a tool, the heart is where the life is, as well it pumps blood, which is where the life resides as well. You can damage evrything but the bodies ability to deal with blood correctly and still live. You mess with the blood or its main transporter, and you die. Life is in the blood. Our life force resides in our heart, not our head. Be wise my dear Rich, and you shall become wiser. Claim wisdom, or judge those with it, and you will lose even what you have! Science is always proving God, in fact , the more scientist seek actual unbiased truth, the more it will do so, to the world of mens dismay. Beast nature sucks, it is so carnal and stupid with arrogance that hides behind even false intellect. I was smarter meeting Jesus at age five than Einstein before he meet Him at 50."

When you have religious ideas so intertwined with bad science, how then do we promote good science?   I took the opportunity to look up the video he had cited (but he conveniently opted out of providing me with the source due to his fears of doing exactly what Satan wants).  The video he got his "scientific" information from was posted by The Heart Math Institute run by a Doc Childre who, of course, is not a doctor.  When I asked for his source he got very defensive bordering on rage and began to insult me calling me a dumb ass and I should "go suck Satan's nuts more".  How to we combat such ignorance and closed mindedness when promoting real science?  Pseudoscience seems to give credit to that religious type of wish thinking that fosters the kind of ignorance and gullibility that seems to stand in the way of educating children properly.