Well, I would take the liberty of raising the question how to react to the trends we are seeing here in Russia. Teaching biology is only one of the points worth mentioning. Just recently a new textbook on biology for high school was released named General Biology for 10-11 class. The first look at the book cover gives the idea which is saturating the entire volume - a nice Russian cathederal in the center surrounded with smaller pictures of birds, plants, incects... So all those were created by the generous act of God since 'the latest scientific results have definitely proved this fact'... And so on. I wish I could attach the photo of the book cover here.
I am shocked.
But the problem is much deeper now. Without discussing further the political situation in Russia I would anyway point out that while it is becoming more conservative and less liberal the top politicians in power are loosening the darkest wings of Orthodox church which seem to serve for their needs. And this tendency shows itself in education with alarming evidence. There are facts of different kind.
In addition I would also mention the really absurd situation we see here - in mentality many people in power there is an absolutely weird combination of communist-like ideas and christian (Orthodox) terminology - though it is well known that communism dealt harshly with the church replacing religion with an alternative ideology.