Hello fellow reasoners. I was hoping you could help chip away at my ignorance. I found myself stumped the other day while having a friendly debate with a religious person about evolution. They were clearly confusing the concept of evolution with the concept of the origin of life (something I've heard Dawkins say he encounters endlessly). Along with that confusion came their argument for not believing in evolution, which was "Why then do we not see the spontaneous start of life from non-life every day?" I unfortunately could not think of an appropriate response. I have not yet had the chance to read The Selfish Gene, in case the answer is in the book. Also, being a med student with exams coming up, I don't currently have the time for researching the answer on my own, so I thought I'd turn to you for help. I know the details of the origin of life are still a mystery, albeit one increasingly nearing solution. Is the above question also still mystery? If not, what is the answer?