Hi everyone, 

Right now I'm sitting in my living room with my two month old son. Other than my son, who's currently napping, i'm alone. I have the baby monitor on, and keep hearing the occasional bang from upstairs on the monitor. Nothing loud, but louder than a creak. Here's what I know:- 

- If someone was upstairs they would make a lot more noise. So there can't be anybody up there
- I am fully aware that my girlfriend left the attic window open, and noises from outside could be picked up easily. 
- The house does make normal house sounds, and the specific noises i'm hearing are common. We hear them all the time.

To add a little further background, I was brought up to make my own decision on belief, but was heavily influenced by my parents. Specifically relevant here, my mother had a strong belief in the supernatural. I since became an atheist, and no longer hold these beliefs. However, I am still sitting here, and still experience similar fear to what I had when my mind was a little fuzzier. I know the sounds are thoroughly explainable, and there is nothing upstairs that I would see/feel, or experience in any other way than through my minds own misinterpretation of light/sound, if I was to venture up and close the window. It's a long winded way of getting this question out, but did anybody else face similar fears in this situation after they became atheists, if so, how did you conquer this irrational fear?