In the last several decades, it's no secret that the post-modernists have reduced the education system into a drivel of pointless coursework — logical assessment has been replaced with an emphasis on feelings over facts, promoting subjectivity over objective-reality and all this based around a cultural-deterministic model. It has become a system that is very damaging to children. 

Following this realization, in 2010, my wife and I opted to home-school our two sons and sure enough, any difficulty they had in school has now completely disappeared. They are doing significantly better than their former classmates in school, especially in science and mathematics.

You may also be aware that the overwhelming majority of dropouts are boys. Now, there is a lot of evidence to show why the system is more damaging to boys as well. If you are a parent, especially with boys, you need to be aware of this. I will focus my references accordingly.

Those at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) note several reasons in their recent publications:

AEI - Grades disparities from kindergarten to long-term effects

AEI - Department of Education bias

Of special mention here are studies done by, known equity feminist, Christina Hoff Summers who is also a member of the AEI. Her book, "The War on Boys" is an excellent read on the subject. Summers also criticized "STEMinars", as it is set up in such a way that it "undermines the meritocratic culture that enables America's success in science". She also notes that it is not effective at ruling out actual bias, and can be easily abused.

Illionis Loop - Guide to Education > Boys Success

LSN - Bias failing boys grades


In two addresses, one being the FFRF 2012 address, Prof. Dawkins points out how post-modernists are poisoning scientific disciplines and corrupting our academia with fraud and bullying - and

It is disappointing to see the state of our education system in this manner and the attacks on science by this ilk of people. Furthermore, it's very disheartening to see that our children are being subject to the brunt of the damage, in a climate of political-correctness, that seems driven by greed.

I'm hoping more parents will rise against this madness.