The Australasian school in which I work has offered to host a presentation by Academy Conferences that will be attended by some of my school's students and others from around the city.  This is an organisation based in the UK and I am wondering if others here have any experience or insight into their reputation or motives. 

I did attend their presentation last year and while it was billed as a conference for gifted and talented students I was left with the impression that they just wanted access to students to push their social conservatism and a kind of ID creationism. One of the speakers made some snitty remarks about Richard Dawkins, and it appears that in some of their presentations they include sessions where they claim that "the challenges of Professors Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett are dealt with."

Does anyone know about this?  Are there other groups in the UK who use similar tactics to get into schools to peddle their doctrines?