I have recently been discussing a secular 'support' group of sorts with a few teachers and students of my college. It isn't official yet, but everyone is excited to get it started. That said, I have no idea on what would need to be done in order to do so. This brings about some questions.

1) How do I make it 'official.' Does anyone have a good example or link where I can read up on this? Anything would be appreciated.

2) What basic functions would such a group serve? I already have a few opinions on the matter, but I am more interested in what you all think it should or could do. 

3) How do I organize it? I am painfully inadequate at organizing things, and this has already posed an issue in the progress of this endeavor. I am open to any suggestions as to how to do so.

4) Does anyone have suggestions, comments, or criticisms that you can offer me? I certainly lack information on the subject, and I want to get started right away. It would be nice to know of any constructive criticisms or experiences with these groups before I dive in. 

Please number any responses so that I can keep track of answers. Links are most appreciated.