Religious teachings include inculcating a sense of gratitude towards the "Creator".  Priests/Rabbis tell people that they ought to be grateful to God for the gift of life and this beautiful universe we are a part of.  Many prayers (at least the ones I know from Judaism) express a deep sense of our debt to our creator.

When one comes to understand that the world was not "created" by an intelligent creator and that life on earth is the result of the operation of blind, purposeless forces, that does not necessarily do away with the sense of gratitude.  A person might feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to give "thanks" for the gift of life, even if there is not "creator" to thank.  After all, as Richard has put it more than once, the fact that we are alive makes us the lucky ones. 

My question is, what does an atheist, or agnostic, do with the sense of gratitude?

I am NOT asking as a theist trying to punch holes in atheism.  I am asking as an agnostic and genuinely seeking honest responses.

Thank you