My first post. I'm a recovering alcoholic & drug addict. 20 years of my life spent getting wasted. I've been to rehab 3 times & in group therapy I spent most of my time arguing with my counselor & other clients about part of the program the says to have a higher power & pray, to have spirituality. Well thats not me, I'm not that simple. But I am open minded & listened to what they had to say. Well, it was B.S. I tried A.A. & N.A which are pretty much the same thing. The 12 steps & the "big book" mention god over & over again & me being an atheist I just find the whole thing laughable & silly, yet this is the treatment I was given. " Came to believe a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity." & so on. It's a theist belief system that I don't have. If I would challenge them & say "there is no god" then I was told I wasnt open minded. So my reply would be "Hey don't believe in god, be an atheist & if you say no then you're not being open minded" It's exhausting to talk to these people & this is the medicine for my disease, well I'm screwed. I've been sober for 5 months & I see a therapist & take meds for my brain adjusting to a clean head, it's difficult & always will be. I know there are a few alternatives to A.A. like S.O.S. but they are so few that it's impossible for me to get to them. I do have hope & I'm doing okay but the fact that they push this A.A. garbage down your throat when in your heart you know better is so frustrating. Hey, maybe I'll just wish my addictions away...Same thing, right?