I was baptised, therefore I am still officially a part of the catholic church statistics. From what I have read it seems near enough impossible to actually become officially excommunicated, I put emphasis on the word 'officially' because in my own mind I am not a Catholic and if God were to exist and know my thoughts and hear my atheistic discussions he'd certainly not consider me a Catholic. Irrespective of this I feel passionately about NOT being a statistic of an institution with principles that sicken me to the core.

I think it was October 2010 where the catholic church made a change to their canon law with regard to this issue, making it even more difficult to distance yourself from it. I know I can write letters to 'my' bishop and that would be the civilised way of 'officially' recanting my catholicism but I've read stories where they never hear anything back.

Has anybody actually gone through this process?