Do not know if anyone has had any similar experience, but something that happened to me regarding religion might need more disscussion or investigation.

It centres on my experience when i was going through one of my bad ' Episodes ' of extreme pychosis. This would involve voices in my head telling me to mutalate my body, and do some other extreme things. Around this time my Familly were involed with a religious group, and they had effectively disowned me because of what i was doing while going through these episodes.

One day i was stopped in the street by a ' Church Leader ', who said that my Mother had shown her a photo of me and that i was having problems. She continued to say that i was Possessed by a Demonic force or even by the Devil himself. and there were steps that they needed to carry out to ' cure ' me.

This included an Exorcism at the church, i also had to embrace God and go through a baptism. They also said my Doctors were the Devils servants who were keeping me possessed so i could do the devil's work. So she advised me to come off all my medication.

I refused and explained that i have no religion but that of Logic, and Logic tells me that religion is not Logical. But this did not stop complete strangers from the church stopping me on the street every day, and this went on for a year.

My only reason for bringing this up is that around the same time, someone with depression i knew had the same treatment and accepted there help. Needless to say they commited suicide a few months later. So just wondering if anyone has had the same experience.